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Pagan Bonfire Sex Parties?

There are many myths about Pagan Sexuality.

The first and foremost myth is that Pagans (note assumption of plurality) are fornicating all over the place with as many partners as possible. Oh, and those bonfire religious ceremonies are nothing but a giant orgy full of sex and drugs. “Um, NOT!”

The truth is that Pagans are pretty much like every other segment of society, mostly heterosexual and monogamous. Although it is true that there is a slight statistical increase in multiple-partner sexual encounters within the Pagan community.

This is due to the fact that Pagans, because of our nature–based philosophy, are more likely to be liberal and open minded when it comes to sex. And sex is inherently a natural part of life. Pagans tend to look past the physical appearance and towards the inner essence of a person – which may make for a higher incidence of homosexuality as well as polymorphic (multiple partner) relationships.

But what we are dealing with is a matter of percentages. Perhaps a 5% increase in non-traditional sexual encounters, as compared to the general population.

The myths of “bonfires gone wild” are more of a creation of media and religious right propaganda than of actual events. The vast majority of Pagans are as modest as any other. And believe me; few people over the age of 30 have a desire to be running around the woods naked – getting torn up by mosquitoes and bouncing parts of their body that shouldn’t bounce. Reality trumps Hollywood every time.

 Of course, there are and will always be certain groups of people who will use Religion as an excuse to fulfill their carnal desires or run around acting like fools – but these people do not represent the whole Pagan community.

For the vast majority of Pagans sex between partners is a spiritual union. It is the joining of the sacred male and female into one. Just from a practical standpoint, it is rather difficult to join two people – when there are three (or more) of them present.

Of course, ultimately the Wiccan rede of, “An it harm none, do what ye will” comes into account. Provided that ALL parties are adult, fully aware, willing participants and that they shall take precautions to protect themselves as well as others – it is not for anyone else to pass judgment.

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